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5 Tips From a Momprenuer - Just start.

Tips From a Momprenuer


👉🏻The key to success is to start before you are ready.


Resist the urge to feel like you have to have it all figured out before you start. It will never be perfect. If you wait you will never start! Stay focused. Know your mission. Feel it in your gut. Then take small steps each day. You will be shocked at how quickly it unfolds once you truly commit to your goals.


👉🏻Falling flat on your face counts as a step forward.


Even when doing something you love and believe in you are without a doubt going to make mistakes. You can count on it. Don’t be afraid to show up messy and authentically. The thing is, the more real and authentic you can show up as yourself the more people want to work with you.


👉🏻Keep deciding over and over that your business is important to you.


As a single mom of 3, I am often derailed by homework, care giving and chasing kids. Do the things you need to do, but keep choosing to come back to your business that you love. Kids need happy, fufilled humans to raise them.


👉🏻If they say it’s impossible its impossible for them not you.


My journey as a special needs mom x 2 is filled with naysayers. Some may see it as a roadblock but I see it as an opportunity to dig deeper, problem solve more creatively, and truly inspire others. I may have to work harder than most, but the feeling that I get when I’m standing in my store with happy customers is always, always, always worth it.


👉🏻The world needs what you’ve got.


In times of doubt keep reminding yourself of why you started your business. How do you show up differently than others in your field? What’s your niche? What service do you provide that no one else can? Each of us has a unique background, a unique spin, a unique take on what we do. A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.