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5 Ways To Raise Your Vibe Instantly

Retrograde killing your vibes too? Here are some ideas to raise your vibration instantly.


⭐️ Amethyst is the stone of protective and healing powers. Light up our hand poured soy candles and take a deep breath. Each one has a raw crystal in the bottom.


⭐️Write it out! Take a few minutes to journal your thoughts or write out your favorite affirmations. Our handmade notebooks are just the right size to pop in your bag.


⭐️Take comfort in hot water with lemon. It gives your immune system a boost because it is packed with vitamin C. Which also helps alleviate stress and fight infection. Our “Believe in Magic” mug will help keep you motivated on those tough days.


⭐️Practice manifesting that life you long for. Citrine gemstones not only help with manifestation, they promote happiness and joy. Snag our Citrine keychains and take it everywhere you go.


⭐️Get a mantra that speaks to you and keep it on repeat. Our canvas “Oh What A Beautiful Day” tote will hold all of your goodies and remind you that there is always beauty in each day, if we just keep looking.