The Untamed Heart #1: "I'm Not A Good Mom"

I’m not a good mom.


I’m not a PTA member.

I don’t volunteer at the book fair. 

I absolutely loathe organized sports.


Our nuggets are of the fast food variety.

Our milk container is consistently just drops from empty. 


I can’t remember the last time I filed their nails.

And last week I cut their hair with plastic handled kitchen scissors I bought from the Dollar Tree. 


Our kitchen table more “triage unit”  than “cozy nook”.




I’m not a good mom. 




I’m a real mom. 

A messy human full of big, powerful love. 

A mere mortal who takes her job of raising good humans seriously. Even if that means taking them to the bus without shoes on because “has anyone seen my shoes!?” And even if that means too much Minecraft and not enough leafy greens. And forgotten permission slips and too small socks. And why is there never any toilet paper?



The truth is what I can do is so much better.

They will experience first hand what it feels like to watch someone following through on their wildest dreams.


They will be certain of the value that building something from the ground up posesses. The will watch me live a life bare knuckled and hanging onto to faith. Because who am I if I cannot properly teach my very own children to live a whole and authentic life. 


Girl, being the perfect mom is a myth. 

Stop allowing your fear of getting it wrong to eclipse every beautiful thing you’re doing oh so right